by Bettina Burger Bettina Burger
GlobalTech Forum Education – July 7 - 8, 2016 “ Internationalizing Doctoral Education” Programme im Senatssaal der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen, Gruppenaufnahme ; abgebildete Personen(v.l.n.r.): 1.Reihe: Dr. Janet de Wilde Imperial College London, Prof. Laura Poole-Warren University of New South Wales, Dr. Suzie Laurich-McIntyre Carnegie Mellon University, 2.Reihe: Prof Yue Chee Yoon Nanyang Technological University, Frau Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth Director of IGSSE TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Frau Julie Ward International Research Manager University of New South Wales, Frau PhD Dr. Susan Cozzens Georgia Institute of Technology , Genke Yang Shanghai Jiao Tong University ; 3.Reihe: Zizheng Zhang Project Manager International Cooperation and Diversity Public Relations TUM Graduate School, Tatjana Boos Deputy Director TUM International Center, Prof. Bo Liedberg Dean Interdisciplinary Graduate School NTU Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz Graduate Dean and Dean of the Department of Informatics TUM, Dr. Michael Klimke TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering Introduction to TUM CREATE Singapore, Frau Bettina Burger GlobalTech Coordinator TUM International Center, Prof. Paolo Lugli Dean at the Department for Electrical and Computer Engineering and Interim GlobalTech Secretary GlobalTech introduction General; Ort: Senatssaal der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen, Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Muenchen; Datum: 08.07.2016; Copyright: Uli Benz / TU Muenchen; Verwendung: Frei fuer Berichterstattung ueber die TU Muenchen unter Nennung des Copyrights.

Participants of the GlobalTech Forum Education

On July 7 – 8, representatives of seven GlobalTech member institutions gathered at Technical University of Munich TUM to discuss “Internationalization of Higher Degree Research Training”. The institutions present included Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, Imperial College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Nanyang Technological University, the University of New South Wales, and TUM. Participants included the Vice Provosts, Directors and Deans responsible for graduate education at the respective univerisities. Each participant presented a case study from their home institution, which was followed by lively discussions. Dr. Carlos Härtel, CEO of GE Germany and Austria, share his perspective on doctoral education from an industry point of view, and speakers of the TUM graduate council contributed insights from the perspective of PhD candidates.

The group explored ways to work jointly on initiatives to enhance doctoral training through internationalization. It plans to follow up on the forum with concrete activities that bring together the Allinace’s members in the area of doctoral education.